City of Iowa City Utility Payment Changes

Changes are coming to the billing and payment process for Iowa City utilities, including a new customer account number. The changes are scheduled to take effect on March 23, 2015 and are due to a conversion to new software. City utility bills generated the week of March 23 will include a new customer account number, and customers with a secondary meter for outside usage will only receive one bill for both meters. A new payment process for Surepay customers and customers who pay through the City’s website will also take effect. Customers with automated bill payments through their financial institutions will need to update their account number on their bank’s online bill payment site. For customers enrolled in the City’s Surepay program, payments will now come out of their bank account on the bill’s due date rather than the Friday following the due date, as it has in the past.
Customers who pay their bills online through the City’s website will be required to set up a customer account using the new customer account number which will be listed on all utility bills generated after March 23. Customers paying online will need to visit and select “Utility Bills” from the Online Payments menu to create a login and password to access their account.

Customers who receive bills electronically, please note the email address from the City will change from to

For more information regarding utility payments, contact Revenue and Risk Manager Melissa Miller at 319-356-5065 or