February Meeting Re-Cap

Due to a last minute cancellation, our scheduled speakers were unavailable for the February 24 membership meeting. A discussion of recent news and property management topics took place with the members in attendance. Discussion on a variety of topics included:

  • Update from the City of Iowa City Housing Inspection Services about a proposed increase in rental permit fees. The proposal calls for a 5.5% increase in permit fees for single family and duplexes and a 5.8% increase for multi-family units. Details on the increase are as follows:

$165 per structure, $17 per dwelling and $9 per bedroom
(Current rates are $157 per structure, $17 per dwelling and $8 per bedroom)

$209.00 for single-family 3 bedroom property
(Current rate is $198.00)

$575.00 for 12-plex properties
(Current rate is $553.00)

  • New vendor member Doug Parker from United Utility Services spoke on the services offered by his company, including submetering of water, gas & electric services, efficient lighting, and billing and collection of utility payments.
  • Possible provision in North Liberty which limits new rental properties to a maximum of 2 occupants.
  • The Occupancy bill in the Iowa Legislature proposing a change in standards used for rental housing occupancy from the current familial status to a standard based on square footage, parking, etc.
  • Discussion of property taxes and condos
  • Renewal of leases for 2015-2016 and discussion on when owners/managers begin advertising vacancies.