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Better Landlording Through Education
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The Greater Iowa City Area Apartment Association is an organization of landlords and property managers whose purpose is to:

  1. Educate Members and tenants as to their rights and responsibilities under the Tenant-Landlord Law of Iowa.
  2. Comply with all aspects of local, state and federal Fair Housing Laws.
  3. Promote the enforcement of local, state and federal ordinances, policies, and laws beneficial to the rental industry and to free enterprise.
  4. Participate for the purpose of mutual benefit in an interchange of information and experience with fellow members and other Landlord groups.
  5. Disseminate useful information to all members and inspire them to further educate themselves in the practical features of their rental operation.
  6. Standardize and adopt uniform practices and procedures by using commonly accepted forms such as Applications, Rental Agreements, Check-In/Out Forms, etc.
  7. Advocate a Code of Ethics to maintain high professional standards and sound business policies.
  8. Advance the general welfare of the rental property industry.

Our Mission Statement is:

To seek out further professionalism through education and to represent the interests of members in dealing with relevant local and state government agencies and bodies on issues of interest or concern.

 Our Landlord Code of Ethics include the following directives:

  • To uphold the highest professional standards of integrity, honesty, and fairness,
  • To promote the spirit of and to comply with Fair Housing laws in order to achieve equal housing opportunities for all,
  • To properly maintain and safeguard all property under our care, meeting or exceeding all appropriate housing and health and life safety codes, ordinances, and regulations,
  • To respect the rights of others by preserving and enhancing private property rights and the free enterprise system.


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Address: P.O. Box 1765 Iowa City, Iowa 52244